"Our mission is to motivate  students, enhance their depth of understanding and inspire them to strive for academic excellence.”

Intellicircle is now hiring Math, Science and English Teachers. Please send CV to info@intellicircle.com 

Instruction based Elementary, Middle and High school Math, English and Science programs.

Consulting 1 on 1 services available.  Please call or email for 30 min appointment. Test Prep- ITBS, CogAT, Science Bowl, History Bowl, Math Counts, Study skills, Science Fair and  High school courses/track consultation

New- please read our Testimonials. A few examples given below.

"Made it in math tag exam. He scored 99 percentile! Thank you for your guidance and encouragement."
"We all are very happy about our results. You are the one of the mentors I was ready to write a thanks letter to!" 
"Thanks to you for helping her getting a good score in both English and Math with your teaching and tips. Couldn't have done it without your guidance and blessings. Thank you very much."

Every parent dreams about their children being the best be it sports or education, or being accepted by the topmost universities. Well! If you share the dream, we have the place where your children can build a strong foundation to become the best at what they do.

At Intellicircle, we believe that developing an in-depth understanding of math, science, writing and humanities concepts is essential for every child to explore their strengths and achieve their full potential in these subjects and their application in real world. Our goal is for students to not only have a thorough knowledge of core concepts in these areas but more importantly, develop an interest in these subjects and a desire to continuously challenge themselves. We have a team of experienced teachers who are highly qualified, innovative and share a passion for working with kids to help achieve this goal.

We offer one hour sessions per subject in small groups. In each session, we focus on in-depth understanding of the core concepts and its application. Our teaching methodology comprises of clearly teaching the concepts, testing and reviewing the material with the students.

CogAT & ITBS Test Preparation Camp

Elementary students take this test in Spring. We are offering this test preparation camp to enhance the capabilities of the students. We offer rigorous practice sessions focusing on test taking skills and familiarity with the test material. Students who qualify in the CogAT test given by their school are eligible for the SUMMA program in sixth grade. This is an eight week one hour program. Continue Reading...

 Elementary Math grades K-5  

Introducing instructor led concept oriented nationally aligned Common Core based weekly Math program for K-5.  Every class  is taught by an experienced and qualified teacher in a small group setting. Group is based on the same level, not mix and match of multiple levels.  Curriculum  is thoughtfully designed to  address improvement of  skills in problem solving,  test taking (ITBS), and the upcoming SBAC testing by BSD. Continue Reading...

Science Track

Our middle school science curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation for the future by enforcing the concepts for each topic, thereby helping students develop a comprehensive understanding of life, earth, physical and chemical sciences. Continue Reading...

Mathematics Track

Our math curriculum focuses on strengthening the concepts to ensure a solid foundation for future years. Students will choose from one of the core areas of math based on their school placement and grade level (Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra). For each area, we focus on every single concept to impart a firm grip on the learning targets. Continue Reading...

SAT Math Prep, Grades 9-12

The 3 day involved course is focused on introducing strategies that will help students gain confidence and prepare for success on the math portion of the SAT. This course includes unlimited access to online resources complete with extensive notes covering all content areas covered on the math portion of the SAT including online practice quizzes covering individual content areas, full length online practice tests and links to full printable practice tests. This course has evolved over 15+ years of producing results! Continue reading....

Contact us for High School Math program.

SAT Prep, Critical Reading & Writing for the College Bound, Grades 9-12

Are you getting ready to take the SAT?  Learn top strategies for managing the language portion of the SAT: build your vocabulary for the sentence completion tests; identify common grammar errors; and check out the “treasure hunt” technique for critical reading. You will practice sample tests and timed essay writing. Review persuasive writing techniques and receive personal feedback on your essays. Cultivate your confidence for the big day in this crash course with an experienced PCC and Saturday Academy teacher. All materials provided. Continue reading...

Tuition Fee

FREE!!! One trial class per student for regular Math and Science track. More...


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