How is Intellicircle different from other enrichment and tutoring programs ?

At Intellicircle Enrichment Center:

- Delivery of the material and content is in an interactive style
- Small class size ensures that the teacher-student interaction is highly effective
- Student progress is monitored on a personalized basis
- Course contents constantly monitored by the experts in the field
- Focus in keeping students motivated and interested in learning the topic
- Offer seminars and mystery presentations from experienced professionals
- Promotes one-on-one as well as team oriented learning & working skills
- Being non franchise and privately owned, flexibility in revising course material to cater to student’s individual growth     as well as to changing curriculum in schools. Each student is taught as if the student is our own child

Is Intellicircle a franchise operation?

No, we are not a franchise operation. It is a private enterprise with four partners sharing the same passion for making a difference in educating kids.

Why is Intellicircle targeting middle school and high school?

Education in middle school and high school is the stepping stone for who you become in life. There is a need for teaching in a way that these new and important concepts stay with an individual for life. We believe that our interactive style of teaching, reviewing and testing will add value to a students’ education in these prime years.

What is Intellicircle’s teaching philosophy for elementary school?

Foundation for middle and high school is created in elementary school. Concepts, no matter how abstract it is, needs to be taught in a way that reaches the student and stays with the student. We believe our personalized, interactive and down to earth teaching style helps to motivate students to have a solid foundation and enables them to take on challenges in a fearless manner.

What are the instructors’ qualifications?

At Intellicircle:
- We believe in having a solid pool of qualified teachers – we will only hire the ones
who we will hire for our own children
- Coming from the field of education ourselves and having taught a wide gamut of
students, we  know the value of a good teacher who can explain concepts in-depth
- Hired teachers will be from variety of sources including  BSD school district, other
accredited schools, and experienced professionals
- Teachers will be screened for qualifications, mode of teaching and background

Will Intellicircle be conducting  an  assessment test  before  placing a student  in a class?

There is no assessment test for middle and high school. Beaverton School District (BSD) does several assessment tests and the students don’t need to go through yet another test to enroll in a class at Intellicircle. We are going to honor the BSD assessment tests .
For elementary Math, we have a nationally aligned assessment test since it is very important for the continuing growth of the student. Please contact us for more details.

Will Intellicircle offer one-on-one tutoring?

Yes, we offer it. Please check our registration page for more information and email us for your specific needs.

Will Intellicircle offer high school level specialized classes so that both AP and IB curriculum are incorporated?

Yes, based on demand. Please contact us for more information.