FREE!!! One trial class per student for regular Middle School Math or Science track.

FREE!!! Two Trial Class for Elementary School Math regular track. 


One time registration/assessment fee for Elementary school students: $55 (FREE).

Registration fee for Middle school and High school students: $25 (FREE).

Sibling discounts 10%

Please Note:  Tuition is made in monthly payments starting with your first class in September . Tuition is prorated to address the number of lessons in a month. 

Year Round Elementary Math (K-5)


Tuition: $99 / month 

School year Program Tuition (middle school level)

Tuition: $105 / month (per subject)

Subjects included: Pre-Algebra, Grade 6, 7 & 8 science tracks 

Advanced high school level Tuition

Tuition Algebra1: $110 / month (per subject) - in a group setting

Geometry $240 for 8 classes

Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus & STEM Physics  $120/ month

Private tutoring in Advanced Science and Math Programs

1> One-on-one: $50/hour (Pay only $450 for 10 classes at one time & SAVE!)

2>One-on-two: $40/hour/student (Pay only $350 for 10 classes at one time & SAVE!)

For these privately tutored classes, any change in schedule or cancellations, a 48 hour notice is mandatory, in absence of which the fee remains payable and cannot be refunded or transferred for the missed session(s).

CogAT Program



Tuition: $150

A comprehensive and all inclusive test prep program for 6 weeks for 4th graders.

(No registration fee for this program)

4 Week CogAT Program



Tuition: $95

A comprehensive and all inclusive fun filled test prep program for 4 weeks.

SPECIAL: FREE with 2nd grade regular track Elementary Math class enrollment!

(No registration fee for this program)

ITBS Program

Tuition: $150 each subject

(No registration fee for this program)

English Program for Grades 4-5 

Tuition: TBA

English Program for Grades 6-9 

Tuition: TBA

SAT Prep, Critical Reading & Writing for the College Bound, Grades 9-12



Fee : $ TBD plus material cost

SAT MATH PREP, Grades 9-12


Fee : TBA